vendredi 24 juillet 2009

Le Journal des Amis de Freddy : English Version !

My dear friends, yes yes yes ! After more than 6 months of work !!! The Journal of Freddy's friends in English is now available !!!
With a nice stamping on the cover (draw by the inimitable Luc Cornillon) and a recycling offset paper inside ! You can now read the fantastic edito from Miss Atoomstijl, Discover the Astrapi folder, Enjoy yourself with the Puzzle, Follow the investigation about The Jeunes Ailes Mystery and read the Interview of Stanislas Barthélémy remembering the Chaland Year's, Nice Summary no ???
So you know what you have to do !!! Contact us for ordering and hoping you're so much speed as we have enough issue !! Yes, this English edition is strictly limited to 75 !!! You read well, only 75 for the world !!! Gratis for the 10 first, this amazing pins strictly limited too and reserve only for the ADF members !

I forget one important think ! 
It only 7,50€ mailpack and postage include for anywhere in the world

So don't hesite to contact us to reserve !

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